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30 days e-commerce mastery course

30 Days E-commerce Mastery Course

Course Benefits:

  • First, understand the E-commerce industry as a whole.
  • Learn how to identify the customer pain, do market research, and find market gaps and competitors.
  • How to prepare a business model to beat your competitors,
  • How to design an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and validate your business idea fast. 
  • Learn how to procure quality products and manage inventories. 
  • Learn how to get the first 1K customers, 10k customers, and 1000k customers.
  • Know what 6Ps are and their role in setting up an online business. 
  • Learn how to do marketing and sales. 
  • Know how to set up a business legally in India. 
  • Learn how to set up the best e-commerce platform with SEO tools. 
  • Learn the best payment gateways and shipping partners in India.
  • How to fulfill orders, return and refund, 
  • How to set up a referral and loyalty program.
  • Learn the best way to build a team and maintain an organization's culture.
  • Also, learn how to do an audit, accounting, and fundraising.  
  • Finally, learn how to promote your organization to stand out in the crowd. 
30 days e-commerce mastery course

Course Fees: ₹2497/-

15 Days Affiliate Marketing Course

Buy 15 Days Affiliate Marketing Course

Course Benefits:

  • You will learn how what affiliate marketing is and how well it works.
  • Learn how you make money on affiliate marketing.
  • Learn how to choose a profitable niche and products. 
  • Learn how to use industry-leading tools/ software in affiliate marketing.
  • Learn how to make a WordPress website and builds affiliate links. 
  • Learn how to earn first $100, $1000, and $10,000 on affiliate marketing.
  • You will get the tasks, assignments, and live questions weekly.
  • Also, you will get the Two (02) live classes.
  • Finally, you will get lifetime access (with all future updates). 
  • Course Access Immediately after making payments. Check your registered email after 10 minutes.
Affiliate marketing course banner

Course Fees: ₹2993/-

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