About Me

I'm Prasanta Kumar Pradhan

Entrepreneur / Traveler / Writer / Blogger

I did M.Sc. (Ag.) from the Institute of Agricultural Science, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), in 2006. After that, I took my first job in NCMSL, then SBI, and then IDEI. 

I have been working as a Development Officer in LIC since 2010, having more than 50 agents but entrepreneurs in mind. My focus areas are guiding startups and students who want to start a new online career. 

I along with Wife formed two companies, namely. 

  1. Agritell Private Limited (www.agritell.com), an agricultural retails and e-commerce company in 2016, and 
  2. Agribuzz Supply Private Limited (www.agribuzz.org) in 2021, helping and guiding the farmers to produce quality and eco-friendly farm produce and foods and sell them locally and Internationally. 

My dream is not to make money but to connect with people and help them. 

I am a solo blogger and writing an article on Indian Startups and launching an online business: all the blog posts and articles you can find on www.pradhanblog.com.

I dream of launching an online course for unemployed and mid-career under-employed professionals soon.

If you want to learn something about online businesses, you can follow me and subscribe to our newsletter.

I love reading business books, searching for new online business ideas, and talking to rural people who are farmers.  

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