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Pradhan Digital Services

During my online business journey, I have used many tools or software to run my business smoothly. As a result, I have gained much experience and know how to use all these tools effectively. Now I recommend these tools in my blogs and pages of my website Besides this website, I am also recommending them by sharing some product links on social media, courses, and podcast transcriptions.

If the software provides me an excellent result and gives excellent customer support, then only I recommend the same tool or software to my audience to help them grow their online businesses.

Making this page on my website is because of maintaining transparency. So, I am sharing the following information you must know before using my website's pages, blogs, courses, podcast transcripts, and social media.

The information I want to share here is that on pages and blogs of my website, courses, podcast transcripts, and social media, I am using some hyperlinks that lead to other companies' pages, products, or services.

If you buy products or get paid services from using these links or these websites, I might be getting some commission income as an affiliate. As because we have made some partnerships with companies. Before clicking on any links, you must be well aware that I would be getting a commission if you will purchase anything. 

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