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Pradhan Digital Services


Thank you for visiting and buying digital products from the website (Business name: Pradhan Digital Services). The shipping policy does not apply to us as we sell only digital products that you will get in your email used the time of buying or checkout.

You can buy following product(s).

Our products are


Digital Courses,

Paid Membership,

Paid newsletters,

Online events,


Podcasts and other digital products.

How can I track my order?

All details will be sent to the email address registered on the website (Pradhan Digital Services) or the email you used during the checkout process.

Ensure you correctly used the most used email when creating an account and checkout.

You can expect an order confirmation email with all your login details once you have placed an order through Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, Google Pay, Credit card, or any kind of payment method on the website of PradhanBLOG Digital Services.

Mainly we send the login credentials immediately after order placing. However, in rare cases, you will get the login details within 24 hours.

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