Why domain is important and how to select the best domain name?

If you wish to start a new business, you must choose the best domain name that matches your industries, which must be unique and easily memorable.

You must be choosing the simple name that once anyone spells it out loudly, others can easily UNDERSTAND the same without any spelling mistake. Before finalizing your domain name that is your brand name, you need to think again and again. So, it is a very critical step to choose the right domain name.

After almost finalizing the domain name, kindly tell the same over the mobile of at least ten people and ask them to write down this domain's spelling. If all are writing it down correctly, you can understand that the domain name you chose is correct. Moreover, if they again tell you the industry, you pick this domain name confidently. Finally, you will come to the stage where you have finalized the domain name. This method is called Ear Method Testing.

After listening to the domain name you choose, if they don't understand your business's spelling and industry, you are not finalizing the proper domain name selection. So try the said methods again and again unless you completed the domain name by Ear Method Testing.

After this step, you must type the same domain name in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Internet Explorer and see these outcomes' results. Even you might be merely putting the name without an extension like .com, .net, .org. Why are you doing so? Because sometimes, other websites ranked the same name before in search engines. If you choose the same name, you will take much time to rank it in search engines. You can organize it as well but need more time why you are investing much time in it. It is better to search for a new unique name that will quickly rank in the search engine because ranking in the search engine is a way to success.

Before choosing the right domain name, here are some points you must keep in mind.
First, industries; You must incorporate the full or partial name of the enterprise you want for work. For example, if you're going to work in the Agriculture sector, you will need to choose the word ”AGRI” or ”AGRICULTURE”. So, all the clients understood that your company would lead with agriculture.
Easily memorable; Choose the name so that anyone can memorize it quickly. Choose crazy but straightforward terms such as Vimeo, Zomato, Canva, Ola, Oyo, etc. All are very small but easy to memorable.
Avoid confusion; Don't choose the domain name with the same word twice or more as most of the time, the clients don't write it correctly. For example, if you select the domain name AGRITELL.COM, the clients may search it in the search engine such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo by typing the name AGRITEL. It misleads the clients. So, it would be best to choose a domain name with only one alphabet continuously. However, some leading brands use domain names with the same word twice, such as Google, Apple, and Dell. You can do so, but it needs a lot of work to establish a new brand.
Check on the search engine; Search for the same name without extension in the search engine. For example, let's say if you try to search GOOGLE without extension .com, the website GOOGLE.com has come first. In the same way, when the client explores the term AGRITELL, the AGRITEL.COM has come.
You can choose the name by mixing two or three different words like PayTM – Payment through Mobile,
You might choose the name by a place like Amazon,
The domain name has some meaning, like AGRITELL – Dealing with agriculture only.
How to choose the right domain name that you can learn from the existing and popular domain names are as follows

My suggestion is to kindly name your domain name so that if anyone hears it, they remember it forever. They don't need to find it out on a search engine and repeatedly find it. It would be best if you gave a little more time naming your domain name to be your company's brand.

There is no difference between the domain name and brand name. By name, both are different, but both the domain name and brand name are the same in branding. For example, Info Edge (India) Limited has finalized the domain name Naukri.com (https://www.naukri.com) as the brand name. So, here you can see that the brand name is the domain name. Again, One97 Communications Limited has finalized the domain name PayTM (Payment through mobile) as the brand name.

Naming your domain name or brand name is the foundation work you need to finalize before starting the online business. Moreover, a domain name is a key to creating an SEO (Search Engine Optimization), either online SEO or offline SEO. SEO is the nerve of all online businesses as all the clients are searching for your products or services online by terms, phrases, or sentences. After starting an SEO, you would not change the domain name. If you do so, it will cost you both time and money because the search engine will take much time to optimize the website's content hosted on a domain name or brand name.

You can choose the best domain name from the following websites.
Lean Domain Search (https://leandomainsearch.com)
Godaddy (https://in.godaddy.com)

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